Crawler Weather

Crawler Weather

Weather information and traffic news for your hometown


  • Well presented
  • Updated regularly
  • Includes traffic reports


  • Traffic reports restricted to North America

Not bad

If you're constantly getting caught by surprise by the weather, then Crawler Weather will help keep you dry and ahead of the weatherman - and the traffic - on a regular basis.

You can set the program to regularly check for weather updates in your area or for a destination of your choice. This includes information on current local and international weather conditions delivered to your desktop.

If you're based in North America, it also offers some really useful information on traffic conditions but unfortunately, this does not extend to Europe - a shame because it's a really nice feature that is a big bonus when planning business or vacation trips.

You can also view graphical forecasts, radar images, detailed weather maps and much more. The program is beautifully presented with a live map on the left of the screen, wind speed and temperature gauge on the right plus forecasts for the next three days along the bottom.

A really good looking weather program that would have scored more highly if the traffic information had been available for all parts of the world.

Don't let the weather catch you by surprise! Check out the weather for your trip destination. Get current local and international weather information right on your desktop.

Crawler Weather


Crawler Weather

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